Date: 27/02/2021

Unlock The Power of as-a-Service Infrastructure

Now more than ever, you need to move faster and adapt quickly to change. HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience to apps and data everywhere, enabling you to adopt transformative technology faster and simplify your operations. HPE GreenLake delivers public cloud services and infrastructure as-a-service for your workloads – on premises, fully managed in a pay-per-use model at the edge, in co-locations, and in your data center. Now you can bring cloud speed, agility, and an as a service model to where your apps and data are today. Transform the way you do business with one experience and one operating model across your distributed clouds, for apps and data at the edge, in co-locations and in your data center.

HPE GreenLake is HPE’s pay-per-use platform that delivers cloud services to wherever your apps and data live – from edge to colocation to data center. It’s quick and easy to scale up or down as your needs change. HPE GreenLake is a powerful solution, right-sized to make your growing business faster and more agile while saving you money.

As-A-Service – Everywhere

If you’re not familiar with a consumption-based IT model, let me explain a bit more about how HPE GreenLake works. HPE cloud services cover a huge range of workloads, including compute, networking, storage, SAP HANA, virtual desktop infrastructure, VMs, and a lot more, and they can deliver the infrastructure in as few as 14 days. HPE metering technologies ensure that you pay only for the resources you consume, and a built-in buffer capacity enables you to handle both steady growth and unexpected increases in demand. HPE GreenLake also takes care of the operational side for you.

You also get HPE GreenLake Central, a self-service platform that centralises operations and insights across your entire estate – cloud as well as on-premises – giving you a unified view of usage, cost performance, compliance and more.

4 Key Advantages Of as-a-Service Infrastructure 

Consider what this cloud services model could mean for your growing business. You can:

  • Do more while spending less upfront. HPE GreenLake gives you exceptional financial flexibility. You can sidestep big upfront expenditures, pay on a monthly bill, and easily expand capacity when you need it.
  • Simplify IT purchasing decisions and move faster. Every purchase counts, in a big way. With HPE GreenLake cloud services and MJ Flood Technology, you can access the latest technologies quickly and with minimum risk. And when you’re ready to make your move, you can bypass the all-too-familiar purchasing and deployment delays. You can get new services pushed out to your end users faster.
  • Eliminate the management burden. Your teams will no longer have to strain to keep up with the latest knowledge for a vast range of new technologies. With the management services that are wrapped into every HPE GreenLake solution, you can free up talent to accelerate what’s next for customers. You can focus on expanding your business and taking care of your team/
  • Unlock the power of colocation. Many organizations prefer not to host a data center on their own premises – they prefer to get out of the business of managing infrastructure. Instead, they opt for a colocation facility so that their teams can focus more on business initiatives. HPE GreenLake can bring all of the agility and flexibility of cloud to this type of IT footprint.

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