As one of Ireland’s leading technology companies, it is impossible for us to ignore the impact that technology has on the planet. We acknowledge that it is our responsibility to do our part to tackle climate change. Here at MJ Flood Technology, we are making a conscious effort to help create a more sustainable world.


Recycling Statistics 

We take immense pride in our sustainability statistics as they reflect the consistent effort made by our team. Due to the high level of activity within our warehouse, our staff have implemented a strict regime to ensure that all plastic removed from our deliveries are correctly recycled. Our 2021 recycling statistics displayed below exhibit the high standard that we maintain in regard to the recycling of excess materials.


WEEE Statistics 

We like to place importance on the disposal of electrical equipment as well as plastic. Last year, we reached a total of 193,832 kilograms consisting of screens, machines and ink cartridges. Below, you will find our WEEE statistics for 2021. These statistics represent the outcome of MJ Flood’s continuous efforts to ensure the correct disposal of all equipment in order to reduce our carbon footprint.



Solar Energy 

The early months of 2022 saw the highly anticipated introduction of a bed of solar panels at our headquarters in Baldonnell, County Dublin.

The energy generated from the panels is now responsible for powering 80% of the building during the basic working week; whilst at the weekend, MJ Flood are providing electricity back to the national grid.

In addition to this, we have enhanced the lighting and heating installations in the office to further reduce emissions.

Electric Vehicles 

Since 2020, all company cars provided to management on behalf of MJ Flood have been electric vehicles. We are encouraging our wider team members to make the transition to electric vehicles where possible. Alongside this transition, we have installed electric charging ports at our headquarters.

Our Mission 

As a company, we are excited to continue on this path to creating a more sustainable future. We believe that it is important to lead by example and that is why we would encourage our partners and our customers to do the same.