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Ransomware has become a major threat to organisations of all sizes and industries, causing significant disruptions to business operations, financial losses, reputational damage, and loss of customer trust.

Organisations invest in AV, EDR, and XDR security solutions to mitigate ransomware attacks, but these measures have shown to be less than 100% effective. While perimeter and endpoint solutions can detect and prevent ransomware from being installed on endpoints, their reliance on identifying known variants or patterns makes them ineffective against zero-day variants or those that enter an organization in ways that do not involve an endpoint. Despite the significant investments in these traditional security measures, cybercriminals can still infiltrate organisations and launch successful ransomware attacks.

BullWall is an entirely new security layer that provides a fully automated containment solution for ransomware attacks, even after they have bypassed all other security measures. BullWall focuses on the data that cybercriminals are after, rather than the typical patterns and behaviors of ransomware. This unique approach allows us to detect and contain malicious encryption in seconds, regardless of the entry point or methods used by the cybercriminals. With BullWall, you can prevent encryption, prevent exfiltration, and ensure business continuity with the only solution that stops active ransomware attacks.


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