Mimecast helps you solve your key web security challenges

Protect your employees and guest Wi-Fi users against malicious and inappropriate websites with a 100% cloud-based service that integrates with Mimecast Email Security for consistent cyber protection.

Introducing Mimecast Web Security

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Fast & Simple Set-up

Get protected fast with wizard-based policy configuration. Defend against malicious sites and enforce acceptable use policies. Simply integrates with Mimecast Email Security for consistent protection.

Dashboard for at-a-glance visibility

Real-time visualisations help to monitor security and protection status. See overall web activity trends, top domains and categories, top blocked domains and categories. Access the activity report for more granular log data.

Detailed Reporting

Instantly see details of every web request made for faster investigations. See who requested a page, and the outcome. Apply filters to find items faster. Drill down to see additional forensics including IP and device details

Application Visibility & Control

Shine a light on shadow IT with full visibility into which cloud apps are being used. Then choose whether to block, monitor and/or allow those apps. Ensure consistent controls and protection no matter how apps are accessed, including on mobile

Email & Web Security

Mimecast has combined email and web security services to deliver a single, fully-integrated, highly cost-effective solution designed to increase visibility, simplify administration and strengthen your online security posture.

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