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Email is the number one attack vector. Protect your organisation against spam, malware, phishing, and targeted attacks with a 100% cloud-based email security solution providing organisations the ability to constantly monitor, detect and remediate security threats in internally generated emails.

Key Features

Internal Threats

Internal threats can result from a compromised email account, a malicious employee or simply human error. And, no single email security control is 100% effective. Therefore, it is essential that internal emails are continuously monitored to detect threats that the gateway cannot detect, such as email account takeover, and new threats discovered post-delivery.

Mimecast provides Internal Email Protect, a threat monitoring and remediation service for internally generated emails, which scans attachments and URLs for malware and malicious links, as well as email content inspection enabled by Data Leak Prevention.


Mass phishing and spear-phishing campaigns sometimes share similar objectives, such as harvesting credentials with a link to a phishing site. Spear-phishing emails are the result of research into intended targets. They are designed to appeal to the recipients by carrying a message that will resonate with them and coerce them into performing an action.

Mimecast offers granular and customisable email security configurations to fit your organisation’s needs and prevent advanced spear-phishing threats.


Ransomware protection needs to go beyond detecting and blocking an initial malware infection at the email perimeter. Malware can enter your organisation by other means, and cyber attacks often use the web channel to contact command and control servers and download the encryption keys necessary to complete the cyber attack.

The Mimecast solution helps organisations prevent email-borne ransomware as well as protect email systems from downtime or data loss.


Impersonation tactics are often deployed in spear-phishing emails. They spoof the sender and/or sending domain to impersonate your executives, staff, business partners, and well-known internet brands to fraudulently extract money or data from your unsuspecting users.

Mimecast’s impersonation protection services provide granular and customisable controls allowing organisations to identify, prevent, quarantine and tag suspicious emails.

Other Features

URL Protect – Keeps your users and your organisation safe by checking websites at the time of click, while educating users along the way.

Attachment Protect & Browser Protect – Implements an adaptable approach applying multiple analytic techniques and sandboxing to block malicious email attachments.

Browser Isolation – Allows users to safely click on any embedded URL and surf the web, blocking phishing attempts and potential malware infections.

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