Date: 17/06/2015

Packed house for inaugural MJ Flood Technology sponsored ‘Internet of Things Summit’

James Finglas, managing director of MJ Flood Technology today presented to a packed house of over 180 delegates at the inaugural ‘Internet of Things Summit’ at Carton House in Co Kildare.

In a room positively buzzing in anticipation of the first major, cross industry IoT conference of its type, delegates heard from a mix of academics, entrepreneurs, government agencies and multi-national organisations, each offering their view of how connecting the unconnected represents a major disruptive force in the world we live in.

James’s key message centred on the need for businesses to contemplate the challenges that the ‘new internet economy’ pose for us all. Citing the classic case of Kodak, which famously took its eye off the ball and forgot about its USP – the Kodak moment – he encouraged delegates to look beyond the hype and see IoT for what he believes it is – a powerful force of disruption, which creates new business models and new business opportunities in a world based on cross-sectoral collaboration and partnership.

Flood Technology’s Connected Retail division revealed live demos of the latest in facial analysis technology, which allows retailers to collect consumer data and transform static digital signage estate to dynamic engines of customised content delivery.

The ‘Connected Bus’ from Davra Networks wowed the audience with a real life demonstration of how connected transport can revolutionise the way in which public transportation is managed on a daily basis. The bus, which is approx. 1 metre long and is a prototype of a connected bus complete with on board network, camera and sensors to measure everything from tyre pressure to driver behaviour, proved to be a real talking point at the busy MJ Flood Technology stand.

Commenting on the day’s events, James Finglas, managing director with MJ Flood Technology said:

“The IoT Summit was a great showcase for innovation and creativity and if there’s one theme that was repeated time and time again, it was one of partnership and teamwork. If IoT is to become a reality, it will require cross industry collaboration, spearheaded by a partner with the vision to transform IoT from concept to a real, tangible engine of business value.”

Other speakers showcased their organisations already operating in the IoT sphere with real world IoT solutions and case studies from around the world demonstrated the endless possibilities that IoT represents for us all.


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