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Managed Print Services

Modern workplaces need print devices to enable today’s agile and flexible ways of working. As well as being office-based centralised hubs for productivity they’re also key to accelerating business-critical processes for greater agility.

Every workplace needs access to one. So, make sure you work with the best partner to choose the right one. MJ Flood can assist your organisation in identifying your needs for your printing and imaging environment and establish a managed print solution with our complete line of innovative products.

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Print As a Cloud-Based Service

MJ Flood Technology converts your existing print environment to a cloud-based service, as part of our cloud-first strategy.

Ease of Deployment

No complex set-up on your side, plus no complex or expensive IT infrastructure required to roll-out a solution.

Ease of Management

Centralised administration to configure and maintain all printers, locations, user credentials, access control, usage consumption, reporting and much more.

Reduced Costs & Overheads

No upfront hardware investment. No high cost of ownership associated with a traditional print environment that requires local print services. Eliminate administrative load on your IT team.

Managed Solutions

We monitor your solution and manage it to ensure maximum availability. Plus, our support teams are on hand to provide assistance should you need it.

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