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MJ Flood Technology’s hybrid cloud solutions can be custom-tailored to suit your business’ specific needs. As defined, a “hybrid cloud” combines two or more platforms that include on-prem infrastructure and third-party public cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or VMware vClouds to give you better security, control, and performance for your data and applications.

Key Features

Take a Hybrid Approach

Put each of your applications in its ideal environment while creating a seamless experience between public and private infrastructure. Maximise ease and agility while maintaining proper control.

Build solutions with leading cloud providers

Integrate your private infrastructure with Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform and other public cloud solutions to create an enterprise-ready hybrid cloud.

Control and optimise cloud costs

Place each application where it can run most efficiently to maximise savings gained from cloud. Get hybrid cloud as a service with HPE GreenLake and pay only for what you consume.

Frequently asked questions

The business value of cloud is more about agility and utilisation than any other cost consideration. Traditionally, high utilisation reduces IT spend, but limits agility and negatively impacts innovation and business growth.

Cloud provides the ability to provision and de-provision nearly unlimited resources as needed with complete control. Moving from the standard 20% to near 100% utilisation provides significant cost advantages and even greater value in the ability to quickly solve business problems without waiting for software and hardware procurement and installation.

In addition to this, moving to cloud typically produces both hard and soft cost savings. Examples of hard cost savings include reduced spending on infrastructure and operational costs. Soft savings include increased developer productivity, decreased human error, ability to change business process quickly and increased customer satisfaction.

Paying only for the resources you use, along with the ability to quickly provision and de-provision resources, gives you valuable flexibility. Your business can avoid costly over provisioning, consume the latest technologies without “ripping and replacing” data centre infrastructure, and give staff the ability to experiment with new products and solutions in a low-risk, low-cost manner.

Ensuring that apps are optimised for their environments is a good first step to avoiding unexpected costs. Maintaining visibility across your entire IT estate with MJ Flood Technology support can also help you stay on top of what you’re spending and why.

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