Date: 12/04/2016

Evolution not Revolution

Evolution not Revolution - a new IT services delivery model for the care services sector

Evolution not Revolution

Organisations tasked with social care delivery are under pressure to do more with less and to simultaneously promote innovation in service delivery.  But these objectives are not mutually exclusive.

Better community-based care services can be supported by advances in technology and IT service delivery models based on cloud computing.

On behalf of the MJ Flood Technology and Microsoft teams, I invite you to join us for ‘Evolution not Revolution’, a unique event specifically targeted at the social care delivery sector and designed to introduce you to a new IT service model, addressing the specific issues and challenges you face in supporting services users and staff alike.

Wednesday, 15th June, 2016
10.30am – 3.30pm with lunch
Envisioning Center, Building 3, Microsoft Offices,
Carmenhall Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18 


Evolution not Revolution

A Blueprint for Successful IT Service Delivery for the Care Services Sector

10.30am               Arrival and Coffee

11.00am               Introductions and Welcome

11.25am               Cloud First – a New Policy Approach for All?

11.55pm              Mobility and Data Security – a Framework for Secure Identity Management and Data Integrity

12.25pm              Evolution not Revolution – a Hybrid Approach to Cloud

12.55pm              Healthmail – Challenges of Deploying IT in a Healthcare Environment

1.20pm                Break for Lunch

2.15pm                 DR and Business Continuity – Data Protection and Recovery for a Changing World

2.45pm                 Virtual Clients – The Use of Telemedicine in Care Services
Belfast Trust Case Study

3.15pm                 Q & A | Close 

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