Reduce the Risk Of Human Error


When you analyse the most successful cyberattacks, nearly all of them have one thing in common. Some user, somewhere, did something that could have been avoided. In fact, research shows that human error is involved in 90%+ of all security breaches. If your employees aren’t ready for a cyberattack, the unfortunate truth is that your organisation isn’t either. Reduce the risk of human error with cyber security awareness training done right.

Awareness Training Topics

Below are some areas where Mimecast’s training help change behaviour, solve real problems, and save you money.


Help individuals recognise possible phishing messages, and show what can happen when they carelessly respond to one.


Promote the use of extremely strong passwords that are easy for employees to create – and make sure they never reuse personal passwords.


Show how to protect everybody’s personal information: your companies, your customers’, your partners’ and your employees’.


You are required to make sure that all employees understand their new data privacy rights – and there can be severe penalties if you don’t. Fortunately, Mimecast Awareness Training makes employee GDPR awareness incredibly easy and fun.

CEO Fraud

A CEO fraud phishing email typically asks the recipient to initiate a wire transfer to a vendor that ultimately proves to be fraudulent. Ensure your executive team are prepared to avoid C-Suite cyber attacks.


Drive home how easy it is to get attacked – and how personally disastrous ransomware attacks can be.

Mimecast named a Forrester Wave™ strong performer

Forrester Research was named Mimecast a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave: Security Awareness and Training Solutions, Q1 2020.

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