Date: 29/08/2022

Discover Workshop: MJ Flood Voice – Powered by Microsoft Teams – Virtual


Join us online on Wednesday, November 9th from 10am until 11am and discover the future of telephony with MJ Flood Voice, powered by Microsoft Teams.

This workshop will delve into the benefits of Teams Voice and show how the solution delivers reductions in both telephony and support costs as well as management overheads. This solution will lead to a significant return on investment, all the while increasing employee productivity and improving flexibility within the hybrid world of work.

MJ Flood Voice is the next logical step for any organisation already benefiting from the power of Microsoft Teams.


MJFT Intro (James Finglas)

Overview of Teams Calling, What’s New, and Understanding Licencing (Jonathan Finglas)

MJ Flood Technology Cloud Voice Propositioning/Direct Routing (Steve Bush)

Teams Rooms, Devices & Third Party Integrations (Steve Bush)

Customer Q&A


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