Date: 22/10/2013

Webinar: Managing the ‘Big Data’ storage challenge

Forget about return on investment.  The new metric is return on information, or the ability to intelligently harness the power of data to deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

Join us for our webinar and answer some key questions on Big Data and the storage challenge.

This event is now over.

  • Devising a long term storage strategy to manage the storage infrastructure required to handle ‘Big Data’
  • Architecting a storage ecosystem which intelligently stores structured and unstructured data in a cost-effective way.
  • Guaranteeing data availability, archiving and retrieval to the business as demand arises.

Big Data, Big Easy – the challenges of managing data storage
13 November, 2013
12.00 – 12.45 pm
Full joining instructions will be sent on registration

Just think, every 60 seconds, the world generates massive amounts of unstructured data:  98,000 tweets, 695,000 Facebook status updates, 11,000,000 instant messages, 168,000,000 emails and 1,820,000,000,000 bytes of data.

But how can you even begin to measure return on information without an infrastructure platform to manage the volume, velocity and variety of information traversing your network?

Big Data is coming.  You can’t afford to ignore it.

About Your Speaker – Don Campion

Don Campion is an experienced storage sales specialist with HP.   He has 30 year’s experience in the I.T. industry, the last 13 years of which have been spent in the enterprise storage industry,  working for seven years with EMC followed by six years at H.P.

Don primarily serves the Irish market but also has European clients, giving him an international perspective on how organisations are managing their data and storage requirements.



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